The Boxfit classes are an all-level circuit training class.

Dave Coard, who is a fully qualified instructor, runs the classes. His qualifications include ABA Coach, British Boxing Board of Control Coach, Boxercise Coach, SAQ/YMCA Personal Trainer, ISRM gym instructor and BFT Coach (Triathlon).

Dave will encourage and motivate you to work towards your full potential. Classes include a strength/cardio workout, boxing techniques, padwork, timed stations, music and lots of fun!

Classes have been running for more than 20 years and are popular with men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

The classes begin with a high impact warm up, so it is important to arrive in time for the start of the class. If muscle groups are not properly warmed up, you will not be ready to train effectively.

Following the warm up, Dave will give a brief explanation as to what each station entails.

Grab a partner (you don't have to know them) and start training. Boxfit is a very friendly class and all newcomers are welcome. If it is your first time at Boxfit, please make Dave aware of this.

You will spend a limited amount of time on each station before moving on to the next one. Dave will govern the time and he will announce on his head mike when it is time to move on. But be warned, don't be caught skiving or you may have to repeat the station !!.

Stations will vary from time to time and if Dave feels the class isn't working hard enough then it's a stint of C.V. (cardio vascular) in the middle.

As the class nears to an end, there could be some additional abdominal work; otherwise Dave will lead you into the cool down.

To help you stay motivated throughout the class, there will be a variety of up-tempo music played.

Training has a number of benefits; healthier lifestyle, the 'feel good factor', a sociable aspect, etc. and we hope Boxfit can provide you with what you are looking for.


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